Write a short note on mobile ip registration

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Write a short note on mobile ip registration

Security Considerations Introduction Current versions of the Internet Protocol IP assume that the point at which a computer attaches to the Internet or a network is fixed and its IP address identifies the network to which it is attached.

Datagrams are sent to a computer based on the location information contained in the IP address. If a mobile computer, or mobile node, moves to a new network while keeping its IP address unchanged, its address does not reflect the new point of attachment. Consequently, existing routing protocols cannot route datagrams to the mobile node correctly.

In this situation, you must reconfigure the mobile node with a different IP address representative of its new location, which is a cumbersome process. Thus, under the current Internet Protocol, if the mobile node moves without changing its address, it loses routing; but if it does change its address, it loses connections.

write a short note on mobile ip registration

Mobile IP solves this problem by allowing the mobile node to use two IP addresses: Instead, the network is updated with the new location of the mobile node. See Glossary for definitions of terms associated with Mobile IP.

The following figure illustrates the general Mobile IP topology. If the mobile node is on its home network, the datagram is delivered through the normal IP process to the mobile node. Otherwise, the home agent picks up the datagram. If the mobile node is on a foreign network, the home agent forwards the datagram to the foreign agent.

The foreign agent delivers the datagram to the mobile node. Datagrams from the mobile node to the Internet host are sent using normal IP routing procedures. If the mobile node is on a foreign network, the packets are delivered to the foreign agent.

The foreign agent forwards the datagram to the Internet host. In the case of wireless communications, the illustrations depict the use of wireless transceivers to transmit the datagrams to the mobile node. The care-of address is used only for communication with mobility agents and is never seen by the Internet host.

Mobile Node MN —Host or router that changes its point of attachment from one network to another. The home agent also maintains current location information for the mobile node.

Agent Advertisement

Mobile IP uses a registration mechanism to register the care-of address with a home agent. This type of encapsulation is also called tunneling. After arriving at the care-of address, each datagram is de-encapsulated and then delivered to the mobile node.

The following illustration shows a mobile node residing on its home network, Network A, before the mobile node moves to a foreign network, Network B.

write a short note on mobile ip registration

Both networks support Mobile IP. The mobile node is always associated with its home network by its permanent IP address, Though Network A has a home agent, datagrams destined for the mobile node are delivered through the normal IP process.

Mobile IP With Reverse Tunneling

Datagrams destined for the mobile node are intercepted by the home agent on the home network, Network A, encapsulated, and sent to the foreign agent on Network B. Upon receiving the encapsulated datagram, the foreign agent strips off the outer header and delivers the datagram to the mobile node visiting Network B.

In the latter case, a mobile node is said to have a co-located care-of address. The mobile node uses a special registration process to keep its home agent informed about its current location.

Whenever a mobile node moves from its home network to a foreign network, or from one foreign network to another, it chooses a foreign agent on the new network and uses it to forward a registration message to its home agent.

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Mobility agents home agents and foreign agents advertise their presence using agent advertisement messages. A mobile node can optionally solicit an agent advertisement message from any locally attached mobility agents through an agent solicitation message. A mobile node receives these agent advertisements and determines whether they are on its home network or a foreign network.

When the mobile node detects that it is located on its home network, it operates without mobility services.

What is an IP address? Webopedia Definition

If returning to its home network from being registered elsewhere, the mobile node deregisters with its home agent. However, intermediate routers might check for a topologically correct source address.

If an intermediate router does check, you should set up a reverse tunnel. A mobile node can request a reverse tunnel between its foreign agent and its home agent when the mobile node registers.

The following illustration shows the Mobile IP topology that uses a reverse tunnel. Solaris Mobile IP supports only privately addressed mobile nodes.lausannecongress2018.com is a web-based application for taking notes.

You can take your notes and share with others by providing the shorten url to a friend. Fast: lausannecongress2018.com is built for speed and performance. You can take notes quickly and browse your archive. mobile ip dhcp. mc unit-3 unit mobile network layer: mobile ip (goals, assumptions, entities and terminology, ip packet delivery, agent advertisement and discovery, registration, tunneling and encapsulation, optimizations) dynamic h ost c onfiguration p rotocol (dhcp)/5(38).

NOTE: Using software to Mobile IP Home Agent Registration and Registration Messages (Page 3 of 4) Figure Mobile IP Registration Request Message Format.

This message is carried in the payload of a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) message, the headers of which are not shown. Mobile IP or IP-Mobility Management (IP-MM) is an open standard communication protocol defined by Internet Engineering Task Force that allows mobile device users to move from one network to another without changing their IP address as a change in the IP address will interrupt ongoing TCP/IP .

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Mobile IP (Internet Protocol) enables the transfer of information to and from mobile computers, such as laptops and wireless communications.

The mobile computer can change its location to a foreign network and still access and communicate with and through the mobile computer's home network.

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