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As part of the Weekend Update comedy skit, Seth Meyers realized how much he actually loved Stefon and "married" him.

Mr stef crease

November 22, 1 Comment November 22, our annual article about Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is about sharing prosperity, and it's a good time to think about where prosperity comes from. The Pilgrims figured it out in We'll retell that story as we celebrate the way it lives on in countless U.

And in particular at one company, McDonald's, that in Mr stef crease humdrum way beautifully demonstrates the source of prosperity and the American way of life. The Pilgrims started with so little. They had to hide in England because the authorities considered them dangerous.

They fled to Holland but found themselves compelled to take menial jobs. On the way to America, many of the company died.

They lost their way to Virginia and landed in Massachusetts just as winter set in.

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To cope with want, the Pilgrims made the same mistake that so many countries do even today: They divided all their land, efforts, supplies and produce in common, to each according to his need. As always in such systems, need surpassed supply.

Mr stef crease

The Pilgrims spent their first three years in America suffering from hunger, illness, cold and infighting. People stole from the common stores "despite being well whipped," according to William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation. After much debate, the Governor decided that each settler should plant corn for themselves.

That year, three times as many acres were planted as the year before. Prosperity was not long in coming. The Pilgrims turned from their Old World system of common ownership to incentives. They didn't go that way out of ideological conviction, but because they didn't have the luxury of waiting for support to come to them.

How many families in America tell the same tale? Before the switch to incentives, the hungry settlers were at each other's throats. Hard workers resented receiving the same portions of food as those who were not able to do even a quarter of the work they did.

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Young men resented having to work without compensation to feed other men's wives and children. Mature men resented receiving the same allotments as did the younger and meaner sort. Women resented being forced to do laundry and other chores for men other than their husbands. Many people felt too sick to work.

But when they were allowed to farm their own plots, the most amazing thing happened. Everybody — the sick, the women and even the children — went out willingly into the fields to work.

People started to respect and like one another again. It wasn't that they were bad people, Bradford explained; it's just human nature. Adam Smith came to the same conclusion later, and Friedrich Hayek updated Smith's ideas for the 20th century.

But we don't need to go back to New England for understanding. Similar outcomes can be seen at McDonald's every day. For centuries, people on the lower rungs of the social ladder weren't able to eat meat.

They ate grains and beans.As the site gets busier people are emailing me and adding comments to certain posts.

Mr stef crease

This is great – please continue! But some of the comments under certain posts haven’t been relevant to the post topic, so I thought I’d start a section where anything goes. Browse for professionals listed alphabetically by first name in the following bracket: 'S' - Page A palm reader told me I had a Simian Line.

A single crease across the hand. Apparently it's rare and has lots of interesting meaning. Here's what I learned. Ok, first off, apologies for letting the last one linger for three months.

I’ve had this picture ready for a bit, but I felt a little guilty about posting it because it’s not Grrl Power related. You know the saying: what goes around comes around.

In the interior design world, trends come and go, but every time the pendulum swings back, the look is a little different.

Stefon Meyers (né Zolesky), simply referred to as Stefon, is a character played by Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live who appeared as the New York City correspondent for Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, created by Hader and former SNL writer John Mulaney.

Meyers introduced Stefon as a guide who knows all about New York and .

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