Kennecott copper

History[ edit ] Minerals, in the form of copper ore, were first discovered in Bingham Canyon in by two brothers, Sanford and Thomas Bingham, sons of Erastus Bingham, latter-day saint pioneers of Septemberwho grazed their cattle there.

Kennecott copper

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Copper mining in Arizona Arizona has been a major copper producer since the 19th century. The first mineral to be mined in Arizona was, as in many other regions, gold. Silver was also prominent, in the cities of Tubac and Superior. However, Arizona would most prominently be known for its copper, which would eventually become known as one of Arizona's Five C's or resources.

No claim was staked there because of threat of Indian attack. InRobert Metcalf staked a claim there, then sold controlling interest to Henry and Charles Lesinsky.

They later formed the Longfellow Copper Mining Co. They set up camp and called it Clifton. Clifton later became one of the largest copper mining communities of Arizona.

This new use of copper resulted in the boom of one of Arizona's greatest resources.

Information on Kennecott Copper Mine, the world's largest excavation and open-pit copper mine, located west of Salt Lake City, Utah. At Rio TintoÕs Kennecott Utah Copper, we mine essential elements that make modern living possible. From medicine, food and shampoo, to cell phones, computers, CAT scans and hybrid electric cars, nearly everything you use today relies on materials that we produce. Kennecott Copper Corporation invested in mines in Chile and the lower By the time the Kennecott mines closed in the corporation had grown into one of the largest minerals companies in the world, due to the perseverance and ingenuity of its founders, investors and workers. 2.

By Arizona produced more copper than any other state in the nation. It would eventually fuel many of its political struggles as well. The Bisbee and Jerome Deportations in represent how factory workers and factory owners were pitted against each other. With the great contribution of the Warren District, Arizona led the nation and still leads it in copper production.

The United Verde copper mine at Jerome, Arizonawas financed by eastern capitalists. However, the rich surface ore soon played out. Clark was the owner of the richest, individually owned copper mine in the world.

Half of Arizona's copper is mined in Morenci. An additional nine copper mines are expected to begin production in the coming years. The mine, at Soledadproduced a small amount of copper in The boom stimulated development of copper mines along the Foothill copper belt, a mile long zone of copper deposits in the Sierra Nevada foothills, running from Butte County in the northwest to Fresno County in the southeast.

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Production nearly ceased after when the shallow oxidized ore was exhausted, and the deeper sulfide ores were found to be poorer in gold and silver. Most California copper production came from the West Shasta district in northern California. Gold prospectors discovered the copper deposits of Shasta County inbut no metal was produced untilwhen some silver was produced from the Iron Mountain Mine.

The copper was in massive sulfide deposits in the Devonian Balaklala Rhyolite. Copper production began inand continued off-and-on until Total production was thousand tonnes of copper93 million pounds of zinc36 million troy ounces of silverandounces of gold.

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The district also produced pyrite for sulfuric acid. The orebody is a massive sulfide deposit of pyritechalcopyriteand pyrrhotite along a shear zone in the Franciscan Formation. The Pine Creek mine near Bishop in Inyo County produces some copper as a byproduct of tungsten mining.

Kennecott copper

Connecticut[ edit ] Connecticut is home to the first successful copper mining by Europeans in what is now the United States. The underground Black Hawk mine near Blue Hill produced copper, zinc, and lead from to The most productive was in Frederick Countyin a belt of chalcopyrite ore in schist and limestone stretching from New London to Libertytown.

The most productive mine was the Dolly Hyde mine. Another district contains chalcopyritechalcociteand bornitein a fault zone that runs 25 miles in slate from Sykesville to Finksburg in Carroll County.

The Bare Hills district in northwest Baltimore County contained a copper-bearing vein in hornblende gneiss.Aug 31,  · Can't post links, but do a search for a document that explains the mine history and process- A History of the Kennecott Mines Kennecott, Alaska by William D.

Douglas. Most was gravity separation (thus the 10 story building), followed by ammonia leaching/5(92). At Rio TintoÕs Kennecott Utah Copper, we mine essential elements that make modern living possible. From medicine, food and shampoo, to cell phones, computers, CAT scans and hybrid electric cars, nearly everything you use today relies on materials that we produce.

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The Copper Club’s Ankh Award, named for the ankh, a graphic symbol for the red metal dating back to ancient Egypt, also known as the Copper Man of the Year Award, was first presented in to honor outstanding individual achievements in and contributions to the copper industry.

The Bingham Canyon Mine, more commonly known as Kennecott Copper Mine among locals, is an open-pit mining operation extracting a large porphyry copper deposit southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the Oquirrh Mountains.

The mining process Bingham Canyon Mine This is where the mining process begins. Every day, Kennecott Utah Copper mines about , tons of copper ore and , tons. Alaskan History, Frozen in Time.

Kennecott, Alaska is a ghost town frozen in time. When the Kennecott Copper Corporation abruptly abandoned the town in they left behind their equipment, their buildings, and their personal belongings.

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