Feature writing awards for high school

For the newspaper, magazine, yearbooks and digital media categories this year attracted 11, entries produced by students at colleges, universities and secondary schools throughout the United States. Entries were accepted from student yearbooks and digital media publications published from November 2, through October 10,

Feature writing awards for high school

Tweet This article contains a comprehensive list of local, national and international high school Art competitions for students aged 13—18 years.

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It is regularly updated with painting, drawing, design, sculpture, video, architecture and fashion design competitions from around the world and focuses on those that offer significant prizes, fame or glory. How to make an artist website and why you need one Competitions can be a goldmine for Art students, offering money, scholarships, product vouchers, overseas trips, promotional opportunities and other prizes.

With digital submissions common, those in disadvantaged countries can often compete on an equal footing, winning prizes that convert handsomely to a local currency. The fame and social media attention garnered from a winning entry can also be just what is needed to launch a creative career.

Shania McDonagh, from Mount St. Her winning pencil drawing was shared on Facebook overtimes and reached a much larger number of admirers and potential fans.

To capitalise on this publicity that results from winning a competition, we recommend that keen Art students create their own website to promote their work and grow their fanbase — especially if you are hoping to establish a career in a creative field. No, this is not a photograph. They worry that their artwork would never compare to this and that they have no chance of winning; deciding the competition is not worth their time and effort.

If you worry that you are not good enough, it is worth remembering that: No one needs to know that you have entered. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Everyone else has the same fear as you, so the number of people who enter is surprisingly low — especially for competitions that are less well known like many of the ones on this list.

Your serious competitors are far fewer than you think.

feature writing awards for high school

Judges sometimes favour unexpected work — it is not always those who produce exceptionally realistic artwork who win. Your creative approach might be just what the judge is looking for. You may have already produced appropriate work as part of a school project or may be able to tailor an upcoming school project around a competition brief.

Digital submissions can also mean it is possible to enter multiple competitions using the same work check particular rules of each competition to make sure this is allowedso this can mean that much less time is required to submit an entry.

The art competitions below are categorised by location, beginning with international competitions and then focusing upon those for specific countries. International Art Competitions Adobe Youth Voices Award The Adobe Youth Voices Awards is a global competition that encourages and empowers youth around the world to express their desire for positive change through visual storytelling.

Applicants are invited to investigate issues that are significant to them and to propose possible solutions that might resolve these issues. Submissions can be made into the following entries: The top 3 submissions from each category are awarded an Adobe Youth Voices Award, with prizes for the artists and their school.

Winning works also receive international exposure through multiple online and traditional media coverage. It aims to encourage young artists to use the Medieval style of manuscript illumination with resources on their website to help applicants.

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There are three age groups: Art for Autism This competition aims to showcase the creative talent of those with autism. The competition is open to people aged years old that are formally diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

There are 5 main categories to enter: Overall category winners receive a Kindle Fire HD and their school or organization receives a Create! The competition is free to enter. Design-a-Bag Competition — student group category Have you always wanted to design your own bag with the prospect of having it manufactured and produced?

Hosted by Fashion Access trade fair, the Design-A-Bag competition is a great opportunity for applicants to showcase their work in front of prominent people in the fashion industry. This course enables the winner them to design their collection, which is then exhibited at the Fashion Access Fair held in Hong Kong.

There are also air tickets to the awards ceremony, held in Hong Kong, to be won. Applicants must submit three illustrations of their design including two different views of the bag and a technical, scaled drawing. Descriptions, swatches and colours must also be included in the submission.

The competition is open to all design students and hopeful designers around the world. No entry fee is required.The Cappies (Critics and Awards Program) is an international program for recognizing, celebrating, and providing learning experiences for high school theater and journalism students and teenage playwrights..

There are currently 13 Cappies programs in the U.S.


and Canada, which range in size from five to 55 participating high schools. Within each program, every participating high school selects. The Online News Source of Glenwood Community High School.

JEA/NSPA Fall National High School Journalism Convention Nov. , | Hyatt Regency | Chicago. The National High School Journalism Convention is a semi-annual gathering of high school journalists and advisers sponsored by National Scholastic Press Association and its partner, the Journalism Education Association.

HEMPSTEAD, New York – Voters headed to the polls in New York State’s Gubernatorial primary election on Thursday, but just a week before that, Truman.

Brick Wall Awards for First Amendment Disservice and Sledgehammer Awards. Each year, the Arizona Press Club crowns the most deceptive government agency or politician in the state with a Brick Wall Award and highlights the dedicated reporters who shine a light on the truth with a Sledgehammer Award. HEMPSTEAD, New York – Voters headed to the polls in New York State’s Gubernatorial primary election on Thursday, but just a week before that, Truman. The Online News Source of Glenwood Community High School.

High-School Journalism Students Win Awards Park Hill School District students on the newspaper, yearbook and broadcast staffs at both high schools brought home awards from the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association’s Journalism Day , held at the University of Missouri.

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program, was founded in , to provide support, encouragement, and assistance to journalism education at the college and university level.

The program awards scholarships to students for outstanding performance in college-level journalism, with matching grants to .

50+ Awesome Art Competitions for High School Students