Can retention be good for a

Next, you have to keep them. High employee turnover costs business owners in time and productivity. Try these tactics to retain your employees. Providing health insurance, life insurance and a retirement-savings plan is essential in retaining employees.

Can retention be good for a

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on retention to determine the affects of a retention and dropping out of school, b grade Can retention be good for a and socioemotional problems, c and grade retention and academic achievement.

The literature review indicated that retention: A Review of the Literature Due to teacher and school accountability, retention has become an increasingly larger problem in Texas, as well as the rest of the United States. Research shows that nearly three million students are retained in the U.

Further, males are more likely than females to be retained U. Department of Education, The definition of retention means being held back in a previous grade.

Students who do not meet the basic requirements prescribed by the state assessments, such as on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills TAKSare held back in the grade they just finished the previous year.

The students must repeat the same material they just covered the year before. Teachers and students may refer to retention as flunking, failing, or repeating a grade. Historically, retention was first investigated beforebut the first critical review of the studies was by Jackson in Unfortunately, Jackson pointed out that most of the research conducted prior to his review was limited and lacked significant results; however, he concluded that retention was not beneficial to students whereas promotion would be more beneficial.

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Research shows the U. Unfortunately, Holmes shows the U. Sturen, personal communication, July 18, We are not aware of retention policies in the other countries stated. Teachers may argue that what is best for the child is retention, but others such as S.

Can retention be good for a

Contrary to retention, social promotion is when a low achieving student is allowed to pass onto the next grade level despite scores and performance.

The No Child Left Behind Act of ED, basically puts a stop to social promotion by stating that all children will meet state requirements in order to move on to the next grade.

Thus, NCLB renders social promotion more of an obsolete term. Consequently, the act encourages educational administrators to retain low-achieving students who do not meet the prerequisites to go onto the next grade.

NCLB sounds great on paper, and it would probably work efficiently if student achievement was based on national content rather than on independent high-stakes test developed by individual states.

The act focuses on closing the achievement gap between all students with higher standards and expectations on one standardized test. As a result, students are required to meet the basic requirements that force retention or social promotion according to NCLB based on one exam.

Can retention be good for a

Retention is the primary choice unless a GPC decides otherwise. Thus, a decision between retention and social promotion becomes the issue. Consequently, students with social and emotional problems could possibly end up with lower academic achievement and therefore dropping out of school.

Another problem is that the majority of students left behind by NCLB are at-risk students who some teachers perceive as unteachable Collins, What some educators need to understand is that there should be other options other than retention. Raising performance standards and closing the gap encourages many schools to take a look at the imposed interventions and begin revising them.

Overall, the purpose of this study is to examine the literature that investigates the effects of retention on secondary students in grades The review will analyze the following: The evidence presented concerns those students that do not meet the standards set by NCLB and are retained or socially promoted based on GPC decisions.

Theoretical Framework The literature review was conducted to determine the effects of grade retention on dropout rates.Just as the sentence above states: the Pelican Cooler boasts a whopping seven to ten days of ice retention a.k.a.

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