Baccalaureate extended essay

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Baccalaureate extended essay

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Essays containing more than 4, words are subject to penalties and examiners are not required to read material in excess of the word limit. Title The title should provide a clear indication of the focus of the essay.

It should be precise and not necessarily phrased in the form of a question. Abstract An abstract not exceeding words must be included with the essay submitted.

It does not serve as an introduction, but presents an overview of the extended essay, and should, therefore, be written last. The minimum requirements for the abstract are for it to state clearly: The abstract should be typed, and placed immediately after the title page.

Contents page A contents page must be provided at the beginning of the extended essay and all pages should be numbered. An index is not required. Illustrations Presentation and overall neatness are important, and it is essential that illustrative material, if included, is well set out and used effectively.

Graphs, diagrams, tables and maps are effective only if they are clearly labeled and can be interpreted with ease.

Not to do so is plagiarism. The list of works cited should include only those works such as books and journals that have been consulted by the candidate. The list of works cited should specify: Appendices Appendices, footnotes and endnotes are not an essential section of the extended essay and examiners are not required to read them, so care should be taken to include all information of direct relevance to the analysis and argument in the main body of the essay.

Before starting work on the extended essay, students should: During the research process, and while writing the essay, students should: After completing the essay, students should: It should be clear what would count as evidence in relation to the question, and it must be possible to acquire such evidence in the course of the investigation.

If a student does not know what evidence is needed, or cannot collect such evidence, it will not be possible to answer the research question.Extended Essay. 50 Excellent Extended Essays. Click on any link below to view an example of an outstanding extended essay. The Extended Essay is a 3, to 4,word research paper on a topic of the Diploma candidate's choice.

Development of this essay is guided by a faculty supervisor. Development of this essay is guided by a faculty supervisor.

Extended Essay. LINK TO SUBJECT GUIDES. LINK TO SAMPLE EXTENDED ESSAYS ( The Extended Essay is a - word research paper that is required for all full Diploma Candidates. The Extended Essay (EE) is one of the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme.

Baccalaureate extended essay

It is an essay of up to 4, words, written on a freely-chosen topic, and provides the students with an opportunity to conduct independent research on a topic that interests them. IB extended essay writing is a lengthy task that involves a lot of work one on one with a teacher, but with our IB extended essay help, students can still confidently work with their advising teachers.

The IB Extended Essay, just like TOK (theory of knowledge) essay and presentation, as well as participation in service, action and creativity activities, is a major requirement for an International Baccalaureate diploma.

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