Are turkish dramas evading our culture essay

She had just released a book about Turkish Culture and asked if she could send a copy, for a published review. I said yes and a week later, received a page book via cargo.

Are turkish dramas evading our culture essay

Received 27 October ; revised 20 November ; accepted 12 December ABSTRACT Education has an important role in protecting the intangible cultural heritage, which is an important part of cultural identity, and transferring it to the next generations. In the Protecting Intangible Cultural Heritage Agreement that is accepted by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCOit is indicated that it is necessary to arrange educational, sensibility increasing and informative programs that target the general of the society and especially the youth.

Are turkish dramas evading our culture essay

In line with this target, there are some creative drama practices based on teaching with games about intangible cultural heritage with reference to wedding example. The themes of the creative drama practices have been designed before by the researcher and the drama workshop has been performed by primary school teacher candidates.

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In the essay, the practice example has been represented in a detailed way; the essay includes the studies of the teacher candidates and their opinions during and after the practices have been indicated in the essay.

As a result of the study, it is put forth that the young are interested in wedding traditions. The teacher candidates think that intangible wedding traditions have to be kept alive and creative drama can be used as an effective way in the education of the intangible cultural education.

In the frame of the results, it is planned to evaluate the practice results of creative drama activities about the heritage fields told in the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which are: In this agreement, intangible cultural heritage is defined as the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills?

This intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation, is constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and their history, and provides them with a sense of identity and continuity, thus promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.

For the purposes of this Convention, consideration will be given solely to such intangible cultural heritage as is compatible with existing international human rights instruments, as well as with the requirements of mutual respect among communities, groups and individuals, and of sustainable development UNESCO, According to Ekici To express these in terms of heritage extent, the heritage should have been produced by a group lived in past and mentioned group should have handed over the heritage to the continuing individual, group or nation.

This thought emerged as a new research field at historical beginning of it and in time it should become a wider and more comprehensive study in a period in which variable nature of social studies and interdisciplinary studies become prominent Kutlu, Academic studies can protect sustainability of intangible cultural heritage nationally and internationally.

Recently discussing heritage in terms of interdisciplinary approach has been the main topic. Rethinking Heritage work of Bendix In his work he indicates that either modern philosophers or tourism experts may be interested in cultural heritage.

Cultural factors such as traditions and customs take an important place. Historians and educationists should introduce basic structure of the society in a better way and should guide new generations by making studies in this field as well as sociologists, anthropologists, literature teachers.

The importance of education in inheriting cultural heritage to future generations cannot be denied.

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Cultural heritage education begins with family. It takes form in school and it continues throughout life. Each State Party shall endeavour, by all appropriate means, to: According to Kutlu Besides it is emphasized that there should be some extracurricular informative studies about intangible cultural heritage.

This teaching field is explained in Social Studies Curriculum: Students realize the importance of cultural elements in forming national identity of societies.

Thus they realize that cultural elements tell apart from other societies and these elements contribute cultural heritage to be developed nationally and internationally.

Primary school 4th and 5th grade students realize that they are affected from their family, their school and the society they live in. He accepts that he should know and protect work of art and cultural works. Student takes part in activities aimed at learning other cultures.

Students comprehend that culture is formed by people.

The book about Turkish culture

Student learns the importance of the culture in becoming socialized. Especially in basic education some activities that will activate student in learning heritage subjects and that is predicated on learning by experience.

Are turkish dramas evading our culture essay

Studies will contribute to their cognitive, affective and behavioral fields of the students about cultural heritage. In fact it can be seen that Turkish culture is close to drama activities. There are applications and rituals based on improvisation and acting.Our TV channels represent all cultural and social bindings of women so the audience can digest them without criticism.

In some TV dramas, the Islamic values and trends are also projected. We will write a custom essay sample on Portrayal of Female Harassment Issues in TV Dramas specifically for you.

Apr 04,  · Are Turkish Dramas Evading Our Culture Are the foreign dramas evading our culture The foreign dramas are attacking our culture and these are not according to our culture After a contentious time of the Indian dramas, now numerous Turkish plays are giving rise to curious hype not only in our television drama industry but also in the minds of the.

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The Marriage Process In Turkish Culture The United States is a country, founded on freedom, immersed with immigrants hoping to secure their independence and reconstruct their lives. The United States, unlike many other countries, is made up entirely of different cultures and ethnic groups.

So this essay will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Turkey and Egypt in term of their geography, tourism, culture and entertainment.

First of all, there are some similarities and differences between Turkey and Egypt in their geographies.

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