5th grade summer writing activities

Summer writing is one such activity.

5th grade summer writing activities

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life, Anne Frank's remarkable diary has become a world classic -- a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent testament to the human spirit.

Inwith the Nazis occupying Holland, year-old Anne and her Jewish family went into hiding in the "secret annex" of an old office building; while living there, Anne recorded her experiences in a diary. By turns thoughtful, moving, and amusing, her account offers a fascinating commentary on human courage and a compelling self-portrait of an extraordinary young woman whose life was tragically cut short.

Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech Zinnia Taylor lives in Bybanks, 5th grade summer writing activities, with too many brothers and sisters -- a mess of "tadpoles" and "pumpkins" is what her uncle Nate calls them.

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When Zinny discovers a mysterious, overgrown trail that begins on her family's farm, she's determined to clear it, from start to finish. For she's finally found a place of her own, a place where she can go, away from her family, to hear herself think.

But what Zinny didn't realize is that the mysteries of the trail are intertwined with her own unanswered questions and family secrets, and that the trail -- and her passion to uncover it -- is leading her on a journey home.

CHASING REDBIRD is a powerful, beautifully crafted story about a young girl discovering that life is a tangle of mysteries, surprises, and everyday occurences -- a journey that often needs unravelling and that sometimes must be traveled alone.

Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, Paul O. When fourth grader Leigh Botts asks Mr. Henshaw to write to him personally, he gets more than he bargained for. Henshaw's letters are full of questions, and Leigh is getting tired of answering them.

But as he continues his correspondence with his favorite author, he not only gets plenty of tips on writing, but he also finds a wise and thoughtful friend to whom he can tell his troubles.

Frindle by Andrew Clements, Brian Selznick illus. When he decides to turn his fifth-grade teacher's love of the dictionary around on her, clever Nick Allen invents a new word and begins a chain of events that quickly moves beyond his control.

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs.

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Konigsburg The enchanting story of the unappreciated Claudia Kincaid, "boring straight-A Claudia" oldest child and only girl and almost too old for half-fare ticketswho runs away with her little brother Jamie to live in the Metropolitan Museum, FILES is a sentimental favorite with a remarkable heroine.

Crammed with fascinating details -- strategies for hiding in a museum, techniques for bathing in a fountain, the smell of a 16th-century bed mustyand tantalizing peeks at the Met and its treasures -- it's a grand adventure.

In the fulfillment of that quest, her own resourcefulness is bolstered by a statue that may or may not be by Michelangelo; a brother who proves to be a fabulous ally; and the wise, prickly Mrs.

Holes by Louis Sachar As further evidence of his family's bad fortune, which they attribute to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish boys' juvenile detention center in the Texas desert.

As punishment, the boys here must each dig a hole every day, five feet deep and five feet across. Ultimately, Stanley "digs up the truth" -- and through his experience, finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself.

HOLES is a wildly inventive, darkly humorous tale of crime and punishment -- and redemption.Be it 5th grade science, math, or writing activities, there is a plethora of free activities available online!

5th grade summer writing activities

Most of these activities are designed keeping in mind the developmental characteristics and milestones that 5th graders should achieve by the end of the year. Summer Worksheets. Printable summer puzzles, reading comprehension passages, and activities.

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Many of the summer worksheets below are aligned to the Common Core Standards. To view the standards, please click the icon Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Editing & Proofreading.

5th grade summer writing activities

Editing: Camping. 5 Ways to Keep Your Students Writing All Summer Long This bingo game combines both reading and writing activities for students to try to complete.

This is an optional activity, but many students like the challenge of completing a B-I-N-G-O before school starts in the fall. The letters normally include an introduction, as well as what to.


Our 5 favorite 5th grade writing worksheets Fifth graders learn about word play, perfect their prose, and practice writing a report — and they'll even and have fun as . 5th Grade Writing Worksheets As a discipline, writing requires a lot of practice, especially in the critical stages like 5th grade.

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At this . Free, printable ELA Common Core Standards Worksheets for 5th grade writing skills. Use activities in class or home. Click to learn more.

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